Businesses talked; we listened. Let me introduce you to…

From acorn to mighty oak

ACORI was borne out of the needs and demands of businesses in today’s challenging times

When I joined IAOCR (a stalwart in the clinical research industry providing independent accreditation), we were frequently asked to provide consultancy services around talent management. From the development of in-house academies, through to executive development and everything in-between, including employer brands and future-proofing the workforce, we found ourselves designing ground-breaking projects for clients, but all ad hoc. This demonstrated a genuine need for external help to design and implement innovative strategies.

Step up ACORI (a Future Shaper Holdings subsidiary and sister company to IAOCR), a business established specifically to formalize our in-house talent management expertise.

We were deliberate in developing our offerings because the reasons behind the initial requests were varied but all genuine – some found it difficult to step out of the day-to-day workload long enough to manage the design and implementation projects; some wanted to ensure that they were developing long-term, sustainable, best-practice strategies, and others felt they did not have the expertise to deliver the project in-house. Furthermore, we made it our priority to carefully grow the team to reinforce our knowledge, skills and abilities across the entire lifecycle of an employee, from onboarding through to succession planning and executive leadership (e.g. International Executive Development).

At ACORI we design blueprints to create innovative, sustainable approaches that tie directly to the business vison, mission and values. It is not a one-size fits all mentality and this is why we are passionate about helping clients develop the right solution for them.

The beauty of ACORI lies in its adaptability. We are well positioned to work with large companies, usually through projects and equally able to work with start-ups and SME’s through our talent management hub, where we provide ongoing support to clients, eliminating the need to add further permanent overhead in support functions. We offer businesses the ability to work through any day-to-day priorities but also step back to provide an external perspective to inform an overall strategy.

ACORI is about Workforce Architecture – bespoke talent strategy designs, cross-industry best-practice, solid foundations and building sustainability & agility in the workforce.

Your most important assets are your employees: it is only right to make sure they have a voice and a future!

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