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Press Release / 10.06.2019

New Consultancy Launches to Increase Impact of Execs; Designing the Blueprint for Future Workforce

ACORI Consulting is dedicated to building the sustainable workforce of the future

Maidenhead, UK, 12 June 2019 – IAOCR is excited to announce the launch today of its new sister company, ACORI Consulting. With a firm focus on the workforce of the future and the impact of disruptors such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and multi-generational employees, ACORI is already working in partnership with US corporations and the NHS to design their blueprints for success. ACORI is excited to work with forward-thinking companies of all sizes to build workforce sustainability.

“Our experience in providing workforce strategy support has given us true insight into the challenges faced,” says Angela O’Connell, COO of ACORI’s parent company. “When it comes to talent, it’s clear that certain industries have accepted “crisis mode” as the norm. However, this is unsustainable with increasing competition posed by new entrants alongside the impact of AI which will exponentially create an even greater global challenge. Those in the Talent space need to embrace the strategic importance of their role; implementing a proactive infrastructure which aligns both individuals’ growth with business growth. We are entering a new paradigm in how our organizations attract and retain the best global talent and we need to be driving the changes.”

Building on the internationally-recognized and trusted IAOCR brand, unlike other workforce consultancies ACORI has strong foundations in the clinical research and pharmaceutical sectors. ACORI places high value on developing strong partnerships and facilitating innovative design teams to create each client’s unique workforce blueprint for success.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the “talent crisis” discussion over the last 15 years,” says Hilda Da Silva, Managing Director and EVP, who previously headed-up Global Talent Acquisition for one of the world’s fastest growing CROs. “HR Execs are under pressure from the Board to implement well-designed, integrated talent strategies so that the company’s Vision and Goals can be achieved, but they’re in the predicament of building and implementing a strategy whilst operating in crisis mode – this is where ACORI can help!”

Forbes estimates that the recruitment market is worth over $200 billion worldwide, with only 36% of businesses stating they regularly monitor employee engagement and only 29% of employees perceiving their employer as a ‘People Company’. There is a clear message that businesses need to design and implement effective talent strategies as there is a disconnect with their most valuable asset, their people. It is this disconnect that ACORI is focused on addressing.

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) and other business leaders that are forward-thinking and want to create a clear differentiator can work in partnership with ACORI to design their blueprint for workforce and organizational success.

“The importance of a happy, engaged workforce sounds simple but it is fundamental to a business. Our goal is to help increase the bandwidth of the busy CHRO and co-design strategies and frameworks to underpin organizational success and longevity,” says Jacqueline Johnson North, CEO of ACORI’s parent company. “ACORI is dynamic and flexible, our expertise can be there when additional insights and ideas are required. We can provide long-term support, working in partnership or simply design and implement a critical one-off project.”

Using cross-industry expertise combined with an insight-led approach, ACORI focuses on acquiring an in-depth understanding of your business vision, goals, and challenges before partnering with you to design and implement your unique blueprint. This position allows ACORI to be able to facilitate and expedite an integrated implementation of a more strategic Talent Strategy approach and mitigate against increasing headcount in the Talent space.

The ACORI team offers flexible support designed to work to your needs, whether that’s in-house, in a consultancy capacity or somewhere in between. The team’s expertise provides invaluable, impartial perspectives to a range of business challenges. Key services include Talent Management HUB, Global Workforce Quality (GWQA) incl. Environment & Wellbeing, Future Readiness: People & Process, Talent Strategy, Employee Value Proposition (EVP), Executive Development, and Workplace Strategy.

To learn more about ACORI Consulting please visit or call:

  • International: +44 1628 784906
  • US Toll Free: +1 855 407 6679
  • UK: 01628 784906

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Notes to editors

About ACORI Consulting

ACORI works in partnership with organizations to design their blueprint for success. We’re excited to work with forward-thinking companies of all sizes to build a sustainable workforce for the future.

Our values underpin the way we work together…

  • Focus on achieving the vision
  • Share knowledge and insights
  • Explore ideas and solutions
  • Build sustainable infrastructures
  • Do the right thing!

Driven by a desire to transform the workforce for the mutual benefit of the employees and companies, ACORI designs and delivers innovative, implementable solutions to meet businesses’ individual needs. At ACORI, we support organizations in creating innovative, results-driven solutions that will have a positive and powerful impact on workforce and business, through aligning company and employee goals and values.

ACORI Consulting and IAOCR are subsidiaries of Future Shaper Holdings Ltd. The two companies are independent of one another, but both focused on “helping shape a better future” and share the common value of “do the right thing!” IAOCR is the accrediting organization for the international clinical research industry.